Social media profile template

What would Shakespeare’s Facebook profile look like? What kind of friends would he have? What status updates would he write? Get your students to use their imagination and practise creative writing with this social media profile template.

social profile facebook worksheet elt esl

This template lets students create a mock social media profile. Profiles can be created for:

  • a famous writer,
  • a character from literature,
  • an important historical figure,
  • a celebrity in the headlines,
  • a favourite actor/actress,
  • someone in the news,
  • a favourite teacher,
  • someone students admire, etc.

You don’t need to limit this to people. Thinking a bit outside the box, profiles could be for:

  • an endangered animal,
  • a favourite pet,
  • an important monument, etc.

I hope your students enjoy this activity.

Download worksheet

© You may photocopy this worksheet to use with your own students, but you may not redistribute it to others for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
You may not create anything for commercial or non-commercial purposes based on this product.

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