Describing a photo (Photocopiable worksheets)

E8 Egzamin ósmoklasisty Atena Juszko egzamin ósmoklasisty insight become ELT author writer publish aspiring writer atena juszko secondary OUP Oxford University Press

Opis ilustracji E8 JuszkoThis is the first in a series of photocopiable resources specially written for students taking the Grade 8 exam in Poland (Egzamin Ósmoklasisty). Completing a description of a photo is a Use of English task in this new exam. It tests lexis, grammar and spelling.
This set contains ten exercises, teaching notes with answers, common errors, and optional questions for each photo.

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© You may photocopy this ebook to use with your own students, but you may not redistribute it to others for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
You may not create anything for commercial or non-commercial purposes based on this product.

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